In Episode 9 of Wrong, But Useful, @reflectivemaths (Dave Gale in real life) and I (sounding a bit like a Dalek) discuss:

  • MathsJam conference
  • @johndavidread’s ideas on minches and mounds
  • @srcav’s post on multiplication, Colin’s forthcoming post on division, and @robeastaway’s thoughts on zequals
  • The TES Maths Podcast - especially worth listening to Charlie Stripp’s interview
  • How Colin factorises quadratics
  • Dave’s packs of cards, and why $37%$ is usually a good guess; Colin’s million-to-one shot; and Dave’s dice
  • @richarddeakin’s question about vocab, and another post by [twit handle = ‘srcav’] on the same topic
  • A solution to the train on the bridge problem (with no algebra!) via [twit handle = ‘nopoke’] (Ian Fotheringham), while [twit handle = ‘notonlyahatrack’] and [twit handle = ‘srcav’] do it with algebra
  • We beg for you to be like [twit handle = ‘twentythree’] (Drew Barker) and leave a nice iTunes review
  • Dave’s question: Prove that the sum of five consecutive squares is not a square
  • Colin’s big announcement
  • We run through some tiresome puns and encourage you to go to mathsjam.com to find a local MathsJam (or create one!)

* Edited 2016-09-11 to fix a broken link.