I made the mistake of clicking on this link.

So it is logical, is it not, that the Crystal Vortex is the Epi-Centre Heart of the Ascension on the 12-12-12.

No, Mr Tyberonn, no it isn’t logical. It may be a masterclass in sciencey-sounding… I was about to say ‘bullshit’, but that’s not strong enough. It’s like… I know what it’s like.

If you gave a four year old a magnetic poetry set (sciency edition!), and let them loose with it for a couple of days, they’d come up with something probably about three times as coherent as the idea that Arkansas is an Atlantean colony. It’s something an infinite number of monkeys would never produce because they have better sense than that.

Let’s put this into context: Wikipedia lists something like 180 previous, failed predictions for the end of the world.

That’s not conclusive proof, of course. But the end of the Mayan calendar is about as significant as the end of the UNIX timestamp as a measure of the end of the world.

To all of those who think the world will end on December 21st, I say this: I bet you 100 of your currency of choice that it won’t. Please accept this bet in the comments below and drop me an email with your paypal address, and I’ll invoice you on the 22nd — assuming we’re still here.